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thumbnailI am a disabled activist and researcher born in Egypt, where I completed my undergraduate studies and worked in the field of disability for over ten years. I have also travelled widely to continue my academic career, conducting my MA and PhD (Revolution, Global Development and Disability Politics in Egypt, completed at the University of Leeds, UK, in 2020) – these revolved around disability, disabled people’s rights, and inclusive development.  I have also presented at academic conferences, attended fellowships and I have been involved in disability activism all over the globe. I lived through the events and consequences of the Egyptian revolution, which is part of the Arab Spring, where we, disabled people, fought for inclusion by participating in marches and demonstrations. Following the revolution, I was engaged in mainstreaming disability subjects with numerous political policies.

My consultancies included producing an inclusive employment strategy in Kuwait, assessing barriers facing Higher Education in Egypt, and publishing papers revolving around disability inclusion.  As a disabled activist, amongst other things, I chair the Leeds Disabled People Organisation, sit on the board of Disability Rights UK, and I am a member of the regional Arab office for Disabled People International (DPI).

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