About the blog

21151704_10155751655567792_1539730324539177063_nThe barriers that I have faced and the activism that I have seen, shows the degree to which they differ from one place to the other, in particular the differences in the lived experience of disabled people in the Global South in contrast to the Global North. The aim of this blog is for disabled people to share and be aware of these differences in barriers, regardless of where they come from. This may help to structure a more unified global activism, merging different disability movements together and providing solutions towards more inclusivity and equality for disabled people. Bringing these discussions to the academic world, in which I currently work, may lead to further research and encourage scholars to consider disabling barriers across borders.

Considering disability as an one aspect of human experience and diversity,  may widen the impact of this blog, making it useful not only for stakeholders within the field of disability, but also to activists who are working in the development arena. This is done with the overall of aim of diversifying the globe to accommodate all citizens regardless of ability. This will contribute to promoting community awareness of both the challenges disabled people face, as well as their capacities. The latter may facilitate the mainstreaming process and contribute to building milestones for inclusion.

The blog’s guest speakers will include disabled activists and representatives of disabled people’s organisations (DPOs), experts and leading scholars from both the Global South and North.  We aim to create an inclusive environment, which is enabling and empowering, a space where, yes, we can speak honestly about the barriers and challenges, yet also the positive solutions and changes we as disabled people would like to see.

The blog will include both the publication of monthly blog posts and/or vlogs, in both English and Arabic with subtitles to accommodate speakers of both languages.  About Me