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VLOG 86: An interview with a blogger telling my journey of both education and work, both in Egypt and UK and other countries. With perseverance and insistence you could achieve a lot. The vlog is in Arabic with English subtitles provided. Feedback is welcome, this is how we learn.

VLOG 89: In this interview I have tried to answer many questions that non-disabled people may have about the blind. I meant to promote the community awareness about how we live, sense and enjoy our life equally without the blindness standing as a barrier. It is a step towards remove many attitudinal barriers that others may have towards us. The vlog is in Arabic but translated with English subtitles. Comments are appreciated.

The aim of this vlog is to:
• Raise public awareness about barriers that disabled people face and the capabilities that they have.  In this I will use my experience as a disabled person who originally lived and completed my undergraduate studies in Egypt, in addition to my travelling to many countries for either academic studies, fellowships and/or consultancies.
• Share the experiences of activists, experts and DPOs from both the Global South and North to create an inclusive environment, which is enabling and empowering, a space where, yes, we can speak honestly about the barriers and challenges, yet also the positive solutions and changes we as disabled people would like to see. Bringing disabled peoples voices together can suggest better solutions for more inclusivity and equality for disabled people.
• The vlog will be posted twice monthly, in both English and Arabic with subtitles to accommodate speakers of both languages.

In this vlog, I will speak about of independent living while traveling to different countries and how this term looks like. I give examples of daily questions and experiences that I had which maybe resulted by the community unawareness of disabled people required support. One question this vlog tries to answer is: Can disabled people live by themselves? Can they communicate, interact and achieve on an equal basis?
This vlog includes English subtitles Your opinion matters for me please leave any comments to improve the future vlogs quality.
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